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Gutierrez Alejandro

Lugar de origen : Bufalo, New York



Born and raised in Colombia, Alejandro is a multi-instrumentalist who writes and produces a wide range of music, singing in both English and Spanish. His music has been compared to Nine Inch Nails, NIck Cave and the Bad Seeds, The Flaming Lips meet The Jesus and Mary Chain with the attitude of early British punk (Stranglers/Clash). In the 80's he produced the Internationally syndicated radio series "Playing it By Ear", and that influence still permeates his music, adding the more theatrical elements to the darker pieces.
Alejandro began his art studies at the David Manzur Academy in Santa Fé de Bogotá, Colombia in 1972. For the last 24 years the artist has studied and worked in the Western New York area. He graduated from the State University of New York College at Fredonia , and the SUNY Buffalo Law School. He is President of the Board of the Western New York Artists Group.


Alejandro Gutierrez
Medellín. Colombia 
Residencia: Bufalo, Nueva York