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¿Arte con pantalones viejos?

El artista inglés Ian Berry decidió convertir los pantalones vaqueros en toda una obra de arte.

¿Arte con pantalones viejos?
Foto: Twitter @lasblogenpunto

El joven artista inglés Ian Berry utilizó los pantalones vaqueros para convertirlos en majestuosas obras de arte, el británico decidió reunir unos cuantos jeans viejos y transformarlos en escenarios, pinturas y retratos.

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El artista manifiesta que hace una década observó una fila de pantalones viejos en su casa y sin saber qué hacer con estos vaqueros, decidió entonces experimentar con la tela, sin imaginar que se convertiría en una obra de arte.

Ian Berry , sorprendió al público con su primera  exposición, la cual tituló Behind Closed Doors, “Siempre está esa brecha entre la percepción y la realidad, la gente puede creer que mi vida es muy glamurosa. Puede que yo mire a otros y piense lo mismo.,  pero la verdad es siempre más complicada. En estos nuevos trabajos me vinieron a la mente estas ideas”. aseguró el artista.


These last few weeks have been amazing but I couldn't have done it without so many people! I'm so happy with the result and so grateful for the help! Thank you @alicetonello and @cioffi_nicola and all the team a @tonellosrl in Italy who have helped me so so much, with all their tech and to help laser and wash many of the hanging trellis. To Kara Nicholas at @conedenim who even through this tough month supplied the denim for me to create this. And not just any denim, a fitting denim for showing in America and from a brand with an unrivalled place in denim history. Big thanks to Tricia Carey for advice and contacts and much moral support @carvedinblue , NYC Factory, and @bpdwashhouse for the denim. To @andrewolah of @kingpins_show for helping me locate a laser machine at the last minute. To @sergio_wheel for the design and computer skills to help me work with the new tech I was using as well as Bettina @kongsgaardgin and Timmy Ho. To Jil Weinstock and all the team at the @cmainnyc for allowing this opportunity and the patience in waiting for 'another day' for the install to be ready. Big thanks to @hollyebrownart, Jennifer Steele-Payne and @dansper for their help in installing (yes.. I know there is one more..) To @erinkostudios for the intro to the museum, this is what is what its all about! @lucindagrange did a stunning job with both NY photos and the ones she did in Miami. I struggle so much to capture my work compared to what they really look like but a massive thanks for these. From the very beginning I am so grateful of the help of @patriciacathala florence cathala, Nathalie Esteves, and Louis and Albert from secours populaire - along with Chantal Dupont who helped make many of the plants in denim. Here in London I had @t_logan_h visit and make some flowers as well as @asalarsson85 A big thanks to @theheavyempty for all the help, connections and great after party at @west9thcollective and for @boonyeowson for performing. To @creative_textile_mastery for all the guidance and help and then of course to @christiner25 @godmothernyci who not only convinced me to take the opportunity helped me all along the way and has the blisters to prove it!

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Can you help give the bunny a name? ??????

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Ian Berry,  ahora presenta su nueva obra de arte "Secret Garden", en  New York, una exposición que promete a sus espectadores una galería  única y melancólica, donde los tonos azulados serán los protagonistas.El artista asegura que quiere enfrentarse a nuevos retos y reproducir arte en  la tela de los famosos jeanes vaqueros.

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