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Ella sostiene objetos con sus partes íntimas y es sensación en Instagram

Con más de 60 mil seguidores, Kim Anami es una sensación en Instagram por sostener objetos con sus partes íntimas


Kim Amani es una coach que se especializa en el ámbito sexual (como no podía ser de otra forma) y en relaciones de pareja que es sensación en internet por su habilidad, su extraña y curiosa habilidad de levantar objetos con su vágina.

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Sí, suena un poco extraño, pero esa demostración visual, tiene su carga política y femenina, pues en su Instagram hay imágenes que exaltan las partes íntimas de la mujer y hasta campañas referidas a esto. La mujer ha levantado varios objetos que van desde revistas, hasta premios Oscar y pesas.

Para que lo creas, es mejor que lo veas:

Un Óscar (Sí, no era mentira)


$100k says my vaginas are happier, healthier and stronger. ? ? Jen Gunter, I challenge you to a Vagina-Off. ? ? This woman has made the rounds of the internet lately, with her bullshit claims that jade yoni eggs are "toxic and dangerous." ? ? So put your money where your vagina is. ? ? I am so confident of the phenomenal results that are shown in the lives and loves of my client vaginas, I’m willing to bet $100,000- that they surpass yours in all of these areas:? ? - Orgasms? - Natural lubrication? - Ejaculation? - Sexual pleasure and sensation? - Overall rejuvenation of their sex lives and thus their relationships/marriages? - Libido? - Reversal of urinary stress incontinence? - Improvement in PMS, difficult periods and menopause? ? My vaginas are going to kick your vaginas’ asses.? ? Read about the full wager here: ? ? ? #vaginalkungfu #poweredbyvagina #jadeeggs #yonieggs #thingsiliftwithmyvagina ? ? Image: Me, and my Oscar-winning vagina on Hollywood Boulevard, symbolically standing on the star of Hedy Lamarr—because beauty, brains and vagina are where it’s at. ?

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Una lámpara


Shine your light'o'vagina! ? ? #thingsiliftwithmyvagina The Morocco Series. ? ? Lanterns in the market in Marrakesh. ? ? Here I am, shining my vaginal light on the world. ? ? When your vagina is activated, meaning you are connected to it, you own it and it is integrated into your body and being, you are lit up. ? You're lit! ? ? You have access to your powerful, creative, life-force sexual energy and you can manifest your desires out into the world. ? ? They don't call it "pro-creative" energy for nothing! ? ? The Vaginal Kung Fu Salon is coming soon. Registration opens next week. You can check out the free video preview series here (link also in bio): ? #thingsiliftwithmyvagina? #vaginalkungfu? #poweredbyvagina? #morocco? #marrakesh? #lettherebelight

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Un coco

Miguel Ángel


#thingsiliftwithmyvagina #iconicmenbetweenmylegs #eurotour In fine form. In Venice with two Italian icons: my new La Perla lingerie, and Michelangelo’s David dangling between my legs. I’m of the mind that fine and beautiful lingerie ought to be worn all the time. Yes, there are special occasions for bras/panties/suspenders/stockings lingerie, like answering the door for your lover while wearing it, or, because it’s Monday. Or Tuesday. Or Wednesday. Special like that. Then there is also the daily pleasure of adorning yourself with pretty things. As much as it’s delightful for your lover, it beautifies you, too. You can dress yourself up in your own love. #thingsiliftwithmyvagina #iconicmenbetweenmylegs #eurotour #vaginalkungfu #italy

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Unos labios grandes (?)


"I would love to kiss you. The price of kissing is your life. Now my loving is running toward my life shouting, What a bargain, let's buy it!" ~ Rumi How much will you toss into the fire so you can be reborn through love? How much of your everyday habits, pieces of your identity, stories of who you think you are, will impede you from going deep and surrendering yourself to love? How willing are you to let go of power struggles, games and let your deepest truth shine through? To let you heart want what it wants? The photo-mosiac mural I'm standing in front of is in Barcelona. The photographer, Joan Fontcuberta, created it with thousands of photos sent to him by readers of the newspaper El Periódico in early 2014. The thrust behind the project was for each person to express their idea of freedom. It's called: “El món neix en cada besada" or “The world begins with every kiss.” The kiss is the great opener and deal sealer. Leading you into other realms. You lock lips, swap spit—fluid exchange is actually a very sacred act—and see if this is a rhythm you can live with. I found out about this gorgeous mosaic through my #thingsiliftwithmyvagina #eurotour contest, in which I asked readers to send in their picks of little-known gems in their cities. This was one of them. Close up, you can see the individual images that make up the mosaic. Pictures of all sorts of freedom and the beauty inherent in that. I love it. Here I am, lifting Salvador Dali’s Mae West lips. So legendary and self-reckoned a figure was West, that Dali shaped a sofa in the form of her lips. A friend of mine told me the story of the iconic, old-Hollywood building she used to inhabit in LA. Mae West was once a tenant of the building. She had a habit of bringing home an assortment of male companions, some of different races. This was a bone of contention with the management of the apartment, who would harass her about it. So she bought the building and told them to fuck off. Kicked them all out. And proceeded to live her life as she wished. The world begins with every kiss. ~Kxx #thingsiliftwithmyvagina #vaginalkungfu #eurotour #Dali #MaeWest #legends

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Las pesas

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