Bogotá Martes, 20 / Dic / 2016

YouTube: Mujer que hacía bailar sus senos se los retira por acoso

Sara X Mills se hizo reconocida en las diferentes redes sociales por su particular manera de mover los senos a ritmo de música navideña.  

YouTube: Mujer que hacía bailar sus senos se los retira por acoso
Foto: Instagram

Luego de operarse los senos, se dio cuenta que tenía un talento para mover sus senos de cualquier manera y por separado.

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Su novio la grabó en un estudio casero para 'webcamers' y el resultado fue mucho mejor de lo que se esperaba.El video de YouTube ya cuenta con más de 27 millones de reproducciones. 

Luego de varios meses de recibir mensajes en los que le reconocían solo su lado más ‘sexy’ Sara X Mills decidió retirarse las prótesis y espera que la reconozcan por quien es.

“Quitar mis implantes mamarios sigue siendo al 110% la mejor decisión que he tomado. Me siento mucho mejor y más saludable, me han acosado con menos frecuencia, puedo publicar todo tipo de fotos y no tener tantos comentarios, sólo me llaman ‘sexy’… La parte más divertida / más triste son las personas que dicen que realmente estoy entrando en mi interior y encontrando mi voz, quizá porque nunca se molestaron antes en leer lo que escribía”, escribió Sara X Mills.

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#Salud Para una mujer que quiere tener un bebé, recibir esta noticia siempre es un trago amargo

Posted by on Tuesday, December 20, 2016

I’ve got some stuff to shoot this afternoon but in the meantime I am waiting for some of the “lines” from the clothes I was wearing earlier to go away, so I decided to post another boob/scar update photo! Removing my breast implants is still 110% the best decision I've ever made. I feel SO MUCH BETTER and healthier, I get harassed and objectified way less often both IRL & online, I can post all kinds of photos and not have so many comments just calling me "sexy"... the funniest/saddest part are the people who say I'm really coming into my own and finding my voice, presumably because they never bothered before to read what I wrote ?????? hahaha. There was a LOT I didn’t know about implants before getting them, or even until I was looking into removing them - one of these things is that the implants, if they’re under the muscle (which is the way to make them look the most “natural”) actually wear away at the chest wall over time. If you look closely at my right side (left in this photo) you can see I still have an implant-shaped divot in the cartilage and whatnot over my ribs.  It will likely be there forever, you can only see it sometimes.  I like making people uncomfortable so I often tell my friends to feel the indentation, which is now under my boob by quite some distance, and they’re always weirded out. My scars are healing fine but I’m going to @waveplasticsurgery to begin a scar care regimen this week, including Kenalog injections to prevent buildup of painful scar tissue around my incision sites.  I had to have Kenalog for my scarring after I got implants, and it’s basically the worst getting injected into your scar tissue haha I’m going to be documenting the whole experience to post on YouTube so you guys can watch, learn, and laugh at me. If you have any questions about why I removed my implants or why my scars look like this (because so many people haven’t ever heard of a #mastopexy and assume my doctor just filleted my chest to remove my implants for for funsies) you can check out - I explain it all there! #explant #breastimplants #update

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