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Novena de Aguinaldos en inglés

Si estás fuera del país y no tienes cómo rezar la novena de aguinaldos en inglés, aquí te ayudamos.

Novena de Aguinaldos en inglés
Novena de Aguinaldos en inglés.

Claro que si lo prefieres hacer de la forma tradicional te dejamos la Novena Clásica de Aguinaldos en español.

Prayer for Every Day

Most gracious God of infinite charity, that have loved all mankind, you gave us in your child the best pledge of your love, that once made Him a man in the womb of a Virgin and born in a manger for our health and cure; I, on behalf of all mortals, give you infinite thanks for so sovereign benefit.

In exchange of Him, I will offer the poverty, humility and other virtues of your incarnated Son, I beseech you for His divine merits, for the discomforts of His birth and the tender tears He shed in the manger, also prepare our hearts with deep humility, passion, and with such contempt of all earthly things, so that the newborn Jesus has in them his crib and dwell forever. Amen. (Pray three times Glory Be)

Prayer to the Blessed Virgin

Sovereign Mary, that for your great virtues and especially for your humility, you have deserved that all a god had chosen you to be His Mother, I beg that you yourself prepare and arrange my and everyone’s soul at this time of praying this advent pray (Novena), for the spiritual birth of your beloved Son. Oh sweet mother!, Convey to me something of the deep meditation and divine tenderness of your awaiting, so that we should do less unworthy of him, love him and adore him for all eternity. Amen. (Pray three times the Hail Mary)

Prayer to St. Joseph

Oh Blessed Joseph, husband of Mary and foster father of Jesus! Infinite thanks be to God that has chosen you for as sovereign mysteries and adorned you with all the gifts provided to so excellent greatness. I beseech you for the love you had to the Divine Child, hold me in earnest wishes to see him and receive him sacramentally, while I see His divine essence and joy in heaven. Amen. (Pray one Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory)

Aspirations of the Coming of the Child Jesus “Los Gozos”

We understand that the following prayer was inspired by Vespers on the seven days before Christmas eve “O Antiphons” and hymn “O come, O come, Emmanuel”.

Sweet Jesus of mine,
my beloved child,
Come to our souls!
Come do not delay!

Oh Wisdom, from the sovereign God,
that a childish reach You have lowered!
O Divine Child, come to teach us prudence (the way of peace),
that makes truly wise men!
Come to our souls!
Come do not delay!

Oh, Mighty God (Adonai) that to Moses had spoken,
and gave him the commands for the Israeli people!
Oh, come promptly to rescue us,
and as weak child show an outstretched arm!
Come to our souls!
Come do not delay!

Oh, Joseph sacred root that from the highest
submits to orb your fragrant tuberose!
Sweetest Child that has been called
Lily of the Valley, Beautiful flower of the field.
Come to our souls!
Come do not delay!

O key of David that opens to exiled
the closed doors of the Royal palace!
Get us out!, Oh Boy with your white hand,
from this sad jail seated in sin!
Come to our souls!
Come do not delay!

Oh Dawn, splendor of eternal light
that in the darkness your shine we will see!
Child so precious, bliss of the Christian,
flaunt your smile from your sweet lips.
Come to our souls!
Come do not delay!

Unspotted mirror, holy of holies,
unsurpassed image of sovereign God!
Erase our sins, save the banished
and as a child, give the miserable shelter!
Come to our souls!
Come do not delay!

Oh King of the nations , Emmanuel illustrious,
From Israel yearning, you are Shepherd of the flock!
Child who grace with soft arch
the surly sheep and the meek lamb!
Come to our souls!
Come do not delay!

Open up the heavens and rain from above
beneficent dew as a holly irrigation!
Beautiful Child come, come incarnate God!
Flaunt God star! Spring up, flower of the field!
Come to our souls!
Come do not delay!

Come, that Mary prevents her arms,
for her child to see, in near!
Come, that Joseph, with longing sacrum,
has disposed him to take your holly love!
Come to our souls!
Come do not delay!

From weaken relief and suffered under,
You are comfort for the sad and light the exiled!
Life of my life, my beloved owner,
my unfailing friend, my divine brother!
Come to our souls!
Come do not delay!

Come in my eyes, they inspire love!
And kiss your feet! kiss your hands!
I am prostrated on the ground, my arms are stretched,
and even more to my sentences, says my tears!
Come to our souls!
Come do not delay!

Come on our Saviour for whom we sighs
Come to our souls, Come, do not delay!

English: Holy Family: Mary, Joseph and child Jesus
English: Holy Family: Mary, Joseph and child Jesus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Memorare to the Child Jesus Prayer

Remember, Oh most sweet Child, Jesus!, you said to the Venerable Margaret of the Blessed Sacrament, and through her to all your devotees, these words so comforting for our poor, burdened and suffering humanity: “Anything you want to ask, ask for it by the merits of my childhood and nothing will be denied.” Full of confidence in you, oh Jesus!, that you are the same truth, we come to lay before all our misery. Help us to lead a holy life, to get a blessed eternity. Grant us by the infinite merits of your childhood, the grace of which we need both. We surrender to you, oh omnipotent Boy!, We are confident that you will not missed our hope, and that under your divine promise, you will welcome and favourably dispatch our prayer. Amen.